Artocarpus dadah Miq

Last updated: 15 April 2015

Scientific Name

Artocarpus dadah Miq.


Antiaris palembanica Miq., Artocarpus erythrocarpus Korth. ex Miq., Artocarpus inconstantissimus (Miq.) Miq., Artocarpus mollis Miq., Artocarpus peltatus Merr., Artocarpus reniformis Becc., Artocarpus rufa Miq., Artocarpus rufescens Miq., Artocarpus tampang Miq., Ficus inconstantissima Miq., Ficus tampang Miq. [1]

Vernacular Name


Tampang bulu, tampang manis, keledang berok [2], green tampang, tampang, chempedak ayer. [3]

Geographical Distributions

Artocarpus dadah is common in lowland forests and open country; frequent in villages throughout Malaya and also found in Sumatra, Simalur, Banka and Borneo. This plant occurs in evergreen and deciduous forest but also in open country, up to 1000 m altitude. [2]

Botanical Description

A. dadah is a member of the family Moraceae [1]. It is small to medium-sized tree up to 24 m tall and 120 cm girth. The bark is grey with distant fissures. The twigs brown hairy [2].

The leaves stalk is 1.25-2.5 cm long and hairy while the leaves blade is oblong, leathery, 10-30 x 5–14.5 cm, pointed apex, base is often unequal sided, rounded, broadly wedge-shaped or shallowly heart-shaped, entire margin and the juvenile leaves are deeply lobed. The secondary nerves are 10-20 pairs, distinct above, prominently raised below while tertiary nerves and reticulations distinct below. The under-surface of leaf is usually pale bluish-green and hairy. [2]

The flower heads are on leafy twigs, male heads are yellowish, round, 0.8-2 cm wide on the 0.8-2 cm long stalks. The female heads are 1.25-2 cm wide, which are on the 2.5-3.25 cm long stalks. [2]

The fruit roundish or lumpy, finally velvety or appearing smooth, not spiny or chequered, 2-5-8.5 cm wide, with deep pink flesh on 1.25-3.75 cm long stalks. [2]

The seeds are ellipsoid with a size of 12 x 8 mm. [2]


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Poisonous Management

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Line drawing


Figure 1: The line drawing of A. dadah Miq. [2]


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