Breynia discigera Müll.Arg.

Last updated: 21 April 2015

Scientific Name

Breynia discigera Müll.Arg.


Breynia rhamnoides var. pubescens (Müll.Arg.) Müll.Arg., Melanthesa racemosa var. pubescens Müll.Arg., Melanthesa rhamnoides var. pubescens Müll.Arg. [1]

Vernacular Name

Malaysia Katut selayer, saga monyit, semelit jekok [2][3], saga monyet, katut selaya, semelit chekok [4]
English Snow bush, sweet pea bush [4]
Thailand Kraduk kai dun [3]

Geographical Distributions

Breynia discigera is distributed around Peninsular Thailand southwards to Singapore and Sumatra. [2]

Botanical Description

B. discigera comes from the family of Euphorbiaceae. It is a shrub or treelet, measuring up to 2 m tall and hairy all over. [2]

The leaves are ovate to elliptical, with a size of measuring 1.3-3.8 cm x 0.8-2 cm, 1.6-1.9 of length width ratio, acute base, acute apex, recurved margin, coriaceous, dark green above, very light pale green beneath, The petiole long is measure 1-2 mm while the stipules are measure 1.5-2 mm long. [2]

The staminate flowers are about 1.5 mm in diametre. The pedicel is measure about 0.5 mm long, with dull pinkish-white sepal, which is measuring about 1.7 mm x 1.5 mm, very thick, measure about 0.3-0.4 mm long lobes, with about 1 mm high androphore while the anthers are measure about 0.8 mm long. The pistillate flowers are measuring 4-5 mm in diametre, measure about 1.5 mm long pedicel, sepal is measure about 2.1-2.8 mm long and dull pinkish-white in colour. The lobes are measure 1.5-2.2 mm wide, only hairy outside while the ovary is measure about 1 mm x 1.3 mm in diametre and apically lobed. The stigmas are measure about 0.2 mm long, not unite, not split and pointing towards each other. [2]

The fruit is red and measures about 7 mm x 6.5 mm and with small apical crown. [2]

The orange seed is measure about 4 mm x 2 mm x 2 mm. [2]


B. discigera is found in open thickets and margins of secondary forest at 30-300 m altitude. [2]

Chemical Constituent

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Plant Part Used

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Traditional Use

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Preclinical Data

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Clinical Data

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Poisonous Management

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Line drawing


Figure 1: The line drawing of B. discigera Müll.Arg. [2]


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