Derris malaccensis Prain

Last updated: 07 May 2015

Scientific Name

Derris malaccensis Prain


Derris cuneifolia var. malaccensis Benth. [1]

Vernacular Name

Malaysia Tuba merah (Peninsular) [2][3]
English New guinea creeper [3]
Vietnam c[os]c k[ef]n [2] [3]

Geographical Distributions

Derris malaccensis distributed throughout Malesia as well cultivated outside Malesia in India, southern China and tropical America. This plant often occurs in riverine rain forest, up to 250 m altitude. [2]

Botanical Description

D. malaccensis comes from the family of Leguminosae. It is a liana up to at least measure about 15 m long. [2]

The leaflets are 5-9, hairless above and adpressed pubescent beneath. [2]

The inflorescence is an axillary. [2]

The flowers are with hairless pink sepal and whitish or pinkish in colour of petal. The standard is with callosities basal and smooth. [2]

The fruit is oblong in shape, with a narrow wing along both sides and rarely without wings. [2]

The root is greyish-brown in colour while the young shoots are adpressed pubescent. [2]


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Chemical Constituent

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Plant Part Used

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Traditional Use

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Preclinical Data

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Clinical Data

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Poisonous Management

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Line drawing


Figure 1: The line drawing of D. malaccensis Prain [2]


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