Hypoxis aurea Lour.

Last updated: 19 June 2015

Scientific Name

Hypoxis aurea Lour.


Curculigo graminifolia Nimmo., Hypoxis frankquevillei Miq., Hypoxis minor D.Don [1]

Vernacular Name

China Xiao jin mei cao [2]
India Bankand, bhuin, kinda, kingyo-josu, kitablo [2]
Philippines Kitkitli (Igorot) [3]
Vietnam H[aj] tr[aa]m [3]

Geographical Distributions

Hypoxis aurea occurs in Pakistan, India, Indo-China, Southern China, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand and the Malaysian region (Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, Java, Flores, the Philippines, Sulawesi and New Guinea). [3]

H. aurea is found in dry, sunny localities, often in grasslands, at 900-2300 m altitude, scattered, but locally common [1]

Botanical Description

H. aurea is a member of the family Hypoxidaceae. It is a small perennial herb up to 30 cm tall and with spherical to elongated rhizome. [3]

The leaves are in a radical rosette, linear, measuring 4-30 cm x 1-5 mm and hairy. [3]

The inflorescence is with a 4-12 cm long slender peduncle, leafless or with a single sheathing leaf, hairy and 1- to 2-flowered. The bracts are setaceous. The flowers are bisexual, 3-merous and short stalked. There are 6 petals, free, nearly equal, oblong to elliptical-lance-shaped, 5-7 mm long, spreading, villous outside and bright yellow. There are 6 stamens inserted at the base of the perianth segments and with arrowhead-shaped anthers. The ovary is inferior, 3-celled, villous, with short but robust style and 3 decurrent stigmas. [3]

The fruit is an ellipsoid to club-shaped capsule about 7 mm long and many-seeded. The seeds are spherical, crustaceous, covered with warty protuberances and with black testa. [3]


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Traditional Use

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Poisonous Management

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Line drawing



Figure 1: The line drawing of H. aurea [1]


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