Ipomoea cheirophylla O'Donell

Last updated: 30 June 2015

Scientific Name

Ipomoea cheirophylla O'Donell


Ipomoea digitata L. [1]

Vernacular Name

Malaysia Keledek hutan, akar lanar, akar keremak [2][3]
India Bidarikand, bilai-khand, bujagumbala, matta-paltiga, matholkanta, nela-kumbala, nelagummudu, nelaguriballi, nelli-kumbala, palmodikka, phal-modecca, phalmodika, vidari [3]
Thailand Bong len (North-eastern); phak bung rua (Bangkok); man muu (south-eastern) [2][3]
Philippines Aurorang gubat, bulakan, malakamote (Tagalog); kamkamote, puntas-puntas [2][3]
Cambodia Kantram theari [2]
Vietnam khoai xi[ee]m, t[aaf]m s[es]t [2][3].

Geographical Distributions

Ipomoea digitata is a circumtropical. It occurs in thickets on the beach, but also in waste places, hedges, savanna forests, teak forests and along roadsides, also cultivated, sometimes with variegated leaves, from sea-level up to 700 m altitude. [2]

Botanical Description

I. digitata is a member of the Convolvulaceae family.it is a large perennial twiner and sometimes prostrates. The stems are cylindrical while roots are tuberous. [2]

The leaves are orbicular in outline, with a size measure 6-14 cm x 6-16 cm, palmately divided to or mostly beyond the middle, cordate or truncate base, acute or blunt apex, mucronulate and with measure about 3-10 cm long petiole. [2]

The flowers are in a few- to many-flowered cyme, with a size measure 2.5-20 cm long peduncle and it is longer than petioles. The pedicel is measuring  9-25 mm long. The measure 6-12 mm long sepals are subequal. The petal is funnel-shaped, cylindrical tube, with a size measure 5-6 cm long, patent limb, with a size measure 5-7 cm in diametre, pale red-purple in colour, darker tube inside, hairy filaments at the base and hairless ovary. [2]

The capsule is an ovoid in shape, obtuse and it is measuring about 12-14 mm long. [2]

The 4 black seeds are covered with long, woolly and easily detaching hairs. [2]


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Chemical Constituent

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Traditional Use

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Poisonous Management

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Line drawing


Figure 1: The line drawing of I. cheirophylla. [2]


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