Themeda arguens (L.) Hack.

Last updated: 17 Jun 2016

Scientific Name

Themeda arguens (L.) Hack.


Anthistiria arguens (L.) Willd., Anthistiria arguens (Thunb.) Nees [Illegitimate], Anthistiria frondosa R.Br., Anthistiria pilifera Steud., Aristaria barbata Jungh., Stipa arguens L., Stipa arguens Thunb. [Illegitimate], Themeda frondosa (R.Br.) Merr. [1]

Vernacular Name

Malaysia Rumput misai adam, rumput janggut adam, rumput sarang pipit [2]
English Christmas grass [3]
Thailand Yao chao chuu, ya chao chu [3]
Indonesia Suket merak-merakan, suket merakan, memerakan (Javanese); kakasangan, kasang beureum, ramo kasang (Sundanese) [2]

Geographical Distributions

Themeda arguens is found in the region from India to Australia. It occurs sparingly in Peninsular Malaysia. [2]

Botanical Description

T. arguens is a member of the family Poacea. It usually grows in tufts rather than solitary and reaches up to 120 cm tall with leaves mostly at the base. [4]

The leaf-sheaths of basal leaves are compressed, keeled, usually glabrous except at the junction with the blades. The upper sheaths are longer and rounded. Leaf-blades are linear measuring 5-30 x 0.3-0.8 cm; green or purplish in colour, flat or slightly folded in shape. [4]

The inflorescence of spatheate spike-like racemes arranged in flabelliform clusters from the ends or upper nodes. Each raceme subtended by a spatheate bract bears 1 sessile bisexual, each reduced to a single glume. Fertile spikelet with the upper lemma extended into a long twisted awn of 3.5-9 cm. The awn remains attached to the grain; it twists and untwists hygroscopically helping to bury the grain. [4]


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Chemical Constituent

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Plant Part Used

Whole plant. [5]

Traditional Use

In Indonesia, it is used in the treatment of lumbago and rheumatism. [5] In Java, the pulped plant is applied as a poultice to treat lumbago. Malays of Northeastern Pahang may sometimes use the roots for similar purposes.

Preclinical Data

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Clinical Data

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Poisonous Management

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