Strobilanthes crispa Blume.

Last updated: 21 June 2017

Scientific Name

Strobilanthes crispa Blume.


Strobilanthes crispa T.Anderson. [1]

Vernacular Name

Malaysia Kejibeling. [2]
Indonesia Daun picah beling (Jakarta), enyoh kelo, keci beling (Javanese). [2]

Geographical Distributions

Strobilanthes crispa is found in Java. [2]

Botanical Description

S. crispa is an erect herb, which can grow up to 100 cm tall. [2]

The branches are acutely quadrangular at top. [2]

The leaves are oblong-lance-shaped, 9-18 cm x 3-8 cm. They are decurrent at base and acuminate at apex, shallowly crenate-crispate and very scabrid. [2]

The inflorescence is short and dense spike, with imbricate bracts. The flowers are with yellow petal and about 1.5-2 cm long. [2]

The fruit is 11 cm long spindle-shaped fruit. [2]


S. crispa occurs in anthropogenic habitats in the lowland of Java, in brushwood, on riverbanks and in abandoned fields, up to 1000 m altitude. [2]

Line drawing




Figure 1: The line drawing of S. crispa. [2]


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