Barringtonia acutangula (L.) Gaertn.

Last updated: 15 April 2015

Scientific Name

Barringtonia acutangula (L.) Gaertn.


Barringtonia alba Kostel. [Invalid], Barringtonia balansae R.Knuth, Barringtonia bicolor Craib, Barringtonia coccinea (Lour.) Kostel., Barringtonia costata (Blume) Miq., Barringtonia demissa (Miers) R.Knuth, Barringtonia denticulata (Miers) R.Knuth, Barringtonia eberhardtii Gagnep. [Invalid], Barringtonia edaphocarpa Gagnep., Barringtonia gracilis (Miers) R.Knuth, Barringtonia kedahensis R.Knuth, Barringtonia kermodei C.E.C.Fischer, Barringtonia luzonensis (C.Presl) Vidal, Barringtonia martensii R.Knuth, Barringtonia merguiensis R.Knuth, Barringtonia micrantha Gagnep., Barringtonia multiflora (Eberh. & Dubard) Guillaumin, Barringtonia nitida Miq., Barringtonia pedicellata Ridl., Barringtonia pubescens (Miers) R.Knuth, Barringtonia rubra Baill. ex Laness. [Illegitimate], Barringtonia schmidtii Warb. ex Craib, Barringtonia tetraptera Lauterb., Botryoropis luzonensis C.Presl, Butonica acutangula (L.) Lam., Butonica rubra Miers, Careya coccinea (Lour.) A.Chev., Caryophyllus acutangulus (L.) Stokes, Eugenia acutangula L., Huttum acutangulum (L.) Britten, Meteorus coccineus Lour., Michelia acutangula (L.) Kuntze, Michelia costata (Blume) Kuntze, Michelia luzonensis (C.Presl) Kuntze, Michelia nitida (Miq.) Kuntze, Stravadium acutangulum (L.) Sweet, Stravadium coccineum (Lour.) DC., Stravadium costatum Blume, Stravadium demissum Miers, Stravadium denticulatum Miers, Stravadium gracile Miers, Stravadium luzonense (C.Presl) Miers, Stravadium pubescens Miers, Stravadium rheedei Blume, Stravadium rubrum Pers. [Illegitimate], Symplocos multiflora Eberh. & Dubard [1]

Vernacular Name

Malaysia Jurai-jurai, pokok gajah beranak, putat nasi (Peninsular) [2][3]
English Indian putat [2]
Indonesia Putat (Malay); alakang (South Sulawesi); kacuk (Merauke, Papua)[2]
Thailand Chik na (Peninsular); kradon thung (North-Eastern); tong (Northern) [2]
Laos ka dôn nam, ka dôn noy [2]
Myanmar kyeni, kyi [2]
Philippines Apaling (Igorot); putat (Tagalog, Pampaya, Bikol); kalambuaia (Iloko) [2]
Vietnam m[uu]ng, l[ooj]c v[uwf]ng, chi[ees]c d[or] [2]
Papua New Guinea ko=o (Delena, Central Province) [2]

Geographical Distributions

Barringtonia acutangula is distributed from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka to Indo-China, southern China, Burma (Myanmar), Thailand, and throughout the Malesian area towards northern Australia. This plant grows mostly along rivers, on plains regularly inundated or in swamps or freshwater mangroves from sea-level up to 750(—1600) m altitude. [2]

Botanical Description

B. acutangula is a member of the family Lecythidaceae [1]. It is a shrub or small tree, measuring 2-13(-25) m tall, measures 20-90 cm in diametre of its trunk and measures 3-5 mm in diametre of the twigs [2].

The leaves are elliptical or obovate-oblong, measuring (5-)6-16(-22) cm x 2-6(-8) cm, obtuse apex, acute or acuminate, finely serrate-crenulate, hairless or hairy while the petiole is measures 4-10(-15) mm long. The raceme is terminal, pendulous, measures 20-45(-78) cm long, measuring up to 75-flowered, sessile or with 3-7 mm long pedicel. The opening buds are 5 mm long. The sepal tube is measures about 0.5 mm long and not accrescent. The free sepals are green. There are 4(-5) petals, which are elliptical, convex, with a size measures of 0.6-1(-1.2) cm x 0.4-0.7 cm and usually red, white or pink. The stamens are in 3 whorls, 1-2 cm long, deep pink or dark red. The ovary is 2-3(-4)-celled, with measures 1-2 cm long style and dark red. [2]

The berry is oblong, measuring 2-6 cm x 1-3 cm, acutely angled to almost globular, 4- or 8-winged or slightly winged and tapered to the apex. The exocarp is thin, fibrous and wrinkled. The mesocarp parenchymatous is with two layers of anastomosing fibres. The endocarp is a thin brown membrane that covers the inside of the cell. [2]

The seed is ovoid, measuring 1-4 cm x 0.5-1.5 cm and grooved. [2]


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Traditional Use

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Poisonous Management

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Line drawing


Figure 1: The line drawing of B. acutangula (L.) Gaertn.[2]


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