Dasymaschalon dasymaschalum (Blume) I.M.Turner

Last updated: 13 May 2015

Scientific Name

Dasymaschalon dasymaschalum (Blume) I.M.Turner


Dasymaschalon blumei Finet & Gagnep. [Illegitimate], Dasymaschalon cleistogamum (Burck ex Boerl.) Merr., Dasymaschalon coelophloeum (Scheff.) Merr., Desmos dasymaschalus (Blume) Saff., Pelticalyx argentea Griff., Unona alphonsii Wall. [Invalid], Unona cleistogama Burck ex Boerl., Unona coelophloea Scheff., Unona dasymaschala Blume, Uvaria dasymaschala (Blume) Walp. [1]

Vernacular Name

Malaysia Kenanga hutan, kenanga paya, larak api (Peninsular) [2]
Thailand Buu ngong (Bangkok) [2]

Geographical Distributions

Dasymaschalon dasymaschalum can be found from Burma (Myanmar), Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, Sumatra, Western Java to Northern Borneo (Sarawak). This plant occurs in lowland forest, and is locally common (e.g. in Peninsular Malaysia) but elsewhere rare (e.g. in Java). [2]

Botanical Description

D. blumei comes from the family of Annonaceae. This is a bushy shrub, which grows up to 8 m tall. It sometimes develops some climbing branches. [2]

The leaves are elliptical-oblong to oblong-lance-shape with a size of 8-22 cm x 4-8.5 cm. [2]

The flowers are cream-coloured. The 3-5 mm long sepals are triangular while the ovate petals are 4-13 cm long. [2]

The ripe carpels are with (1-)2-6(-7) distinct segments. They are bright red with waxy bloom. [2]


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Chemical Constituent

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Plant Part Used

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Traditional Use

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Preclinical Data

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Poisonous Management

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Line drawing


Figure 1: The line drawing of D. blumei Finet & Gagnep. (synonym of D. dasymaschalum (Blume) I.M.Turner) [2]


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