Globba pendula Roxb.

Last updated: 10 June 2015

Scientific Name

Globba pendula Roxb.


Ceratanthera pendula (Roxb.) T.Lestib., Globba aphylla Miq., Globba calophylla Ridl., Globba ciliata Jack, Globba debilis Ridl., Globba expansa Wall. ex Horan., Globba fasciata Ridl., Globba hura (J.F.Gmel.) Roxb. [Illegitimate], Globba kingii Baker, Globba koenigiana Spreng. [Illegitimate], Globba oligantha Miq., Globba panicoides Miq., Globba polyphylla K.Schum., Globba siamensium (J.Koenig) A.S.Rao & D.M.Verma [Illegitimate], Globba stenothyrsa Baker, Globba uliginosa Miq., Globba valida Ridl., Globba versicolor Sm. [Illegitimate], Globba wallichii Baker, Hura koenigii Roem. & Schult., Hura siamensium J.Koenig, Manitia aurea Giseke [Illegitimate], Sphaerocarpos hura J.F.Gmel. [1]

Vernacular Name


Meroyan tinggal, halia hutan, puar birah (Peninsular) [2]; bunga lidah muntah, haliya hantu, haliya hutan, haliya k’ra, haliya rimbah, meroyan b’choin, meroyan tingal, pua birah [3]


Aroid puar, woodland ginger, monkey’s ginger, ghost’s or wild ginger, ghost’s tongue [4]


Pedas kancil (Palembang, Sumatra); jae kera (Bangka) [2]


Ng[ar]i m[oj]I [2].

Geographical Distributions

Globba pendula is well distributed in Bangladesh, Southern Burma (Myanmar), Vietnam, Peninsular Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, Bangka, Western Java and Borneo. [2]

G. pendula is locally common in primary as well as secondary, lowland and lower montane forest up to 1200 m altitude. [2]

Botanical Description

G. pendula is a member of the Zingiberaceae family. It is an herb which can grow up to 100 cm tall. [2]

The leafy shoot is up to 13 leaves. The leaves are with acuminate-caudate apex, with stiff and curved hairs on above lateral veins. [2]

The inflorescence is much elongated, nodding and with rather long cincinni. The flowers are orange and subsessile. The staminodes are longer than its lateral petal lobes while the anther is with 2 appendages. [2]


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Chemical Constituent

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Plant Part Used

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Traditional Use

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Preclinical Data

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Clinical Data

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Poisonous Management

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Line drawing


Figure 1: The line drawing of Globba pendula [2]


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