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In vitro testing of some West African and Indian plants used to treat snakebites Hits: 5279
Wound healing effects of Heliotropium indicum, Plumbago zeylanicum and Acalypha indica in rats Hits: 6374
"Chronic Epstein-Barr virus infection" syndrome and polymyalgia rheumatica Hits: 5004
(+)Amphetamine-stimulus generalization to an herbal ephedrine product. Hits: 7055
(+)Amphetamine-stimulus generalization to an herbal ephedrine product. Hits: 5963
(1-->3)-beta-D-glucan - relationship to indoor air-related symptoms, allergy and asthma. Hits: 5951
(1-->3)-beta-D-glucan may contribute to pollen sensitivity. Hits: 5708
[10-year experience with using Cavinton in cerebrovascular disorders] Hits: 4950
[3H]-monoamine uptake inhibition properties of kava pyrones. Hits: 4837
[A multicenter study of tinnitus. Epidemiology and therapy]. Hits: 4751
[Acquired, vitamin B6-responsive, primary sideroblastic anemia, an enzyme deficiency in heme synthesis] Hits: 3049
[Action of evening primrose oil on cardiovascular risk factors in insulin-dependent diabetics]. Hits: 4118
[Activity of Centella asiatica in venous insufficiency]. Hits: 5453
[American ginseng compound liquor on retarding-aging process]. Hits: 5029
[An experimental study of the mechanisms of damage of the periodontal tissues in thyrotoxicosis] Hits: 3061
[Animal experiments on the psychotropic action of a Hypericum extract] Hits: 3133
[Anti-thrombotic and anti-atherogenic action of eicosapentaenoic acid]. Hits: 4206
[Antibacterial activity of thymol, carvacrol and cinnamaldehyde alone or in combination] Hits: 4056
[Antibacterial properties of some spice plants before and after heat treatment]. Hits: 4865
[Antioxidants and angiogenetic factor associated with age-related macular degeneration (exudative type)] Hits: 3357
[Arrhythmia caused by potassium deficiency]. Hits: 4370
[Assessment of the association of Kava-Kava extract and hormone replacement therapy in the treatment of postmenopause anxiety]. Hits: 4827
[Atypical depression and related illnesses--neurobiological principles for their treatment with Hypericum extract]. Hits: 3641
[Cavinton in the treatment of ischemic cerebral stroke. Clinical and computerized-tomographic evaluation] Hits: 4110
[Cerebral insufficiency--treatment with Ginkgo-biloba extract. Time of onset of effect in a double-blind study with 60 inpatients]. Hits: 3715
[Changes in clonogenic properties of bone marrow and transplantable mice tumor cells during combined use of cyclophosphane and biological response modifiers of adaptogenic origin]. Hits: 4310
[Clinical effect of gamma-oryzanol on climacteric disturbance -on serum lipid peroxides (author's transl)]. Hits: 4015
[Combination of Sabal and Urtica extract vs. finasteride in benign prostatic hyperplasia (Aiken stages I to II). Comparison of therapeutic effectiveness in a one year double-blind study] Hits: 2723
[Comparative effects of policosanol and two HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors on type II hypercholesterolemia]. Hits: 4178
[Contact dermatitis allergy to common ivy (Hedera helix L.)]. Hits: 5174
[Crataegus in cardiology]. Hits: 3818
[Crataegus Special Extract WS 1442. Assessment of objective effectiveness in patients with heart failure (NYHA II)]. Hits: 3999
[Crataegus Special Extract WS 1442. Assessment of objective effectiveness in patients with heart failure (NYHA II)]. Hits: 2934
[Determination of berberine and palmatine in cortex phellodendron and Chinese patent medicines by HPLC]. Hits: 4485
[Determination of berberine in Phellodendron chinense Schneid and its processed products by TLC (thin layer chromatography) densitometry]. Hits: 4307
[Determination of thyroid hormones in patients with glaucoma] Hits: 3008
[Diabetes and vitamin levels]. Hits: 3430
[Diagnosis of vitamin B12 deficiency in chronic kidney insufficiency] Hits: 4285
[Effect of cavinton and sulfocamphocain on systemic and cerebral hemodynamics in patients with early forms of cerebrovascular diseases] Hits: 4080
[Effect of ginsenosides Rb1 and Rg1 on lipid peroxidation of rat in vitro]. Hits: 4837
[Effect of jiang-zhi zhong-yao-pian on total cholesterol, triglyceride, TXB2, 6-keto-PGF1 alpha in hyperlipemic patients]. Hits: 3940
[Effect of Kava-Special Extract WS 1490 combined with ethyl alcohol on safety-relevant performance parameters] Hits: 3099
[Effectiveness of plantago seed husks in comparison with wheat brain on stool frequency and manifestations of irritable colon syndrome with constipation] Hits: 3360
[Effects of aloe extracts, aloctin A, on gastric secretion and on experimental gastric lesions in rats]. Hits: 4967
[Effects of gamma-oryzanol and atropine on gastric secretion stimulated by insulin or 2-deoxy-D-glucose (author's transl)]. Hits: 3931
[Effects of gamma-oryzanol on gastric lesions and small intestinal propulsive activity in mice]. Hits: 4003
[Effects of ginkgo leave concentrated oral liquor in treating asthma]. Hits: 3648
[Experimental study on effect of Cordyceps sinensis in ameliorating aminoglycoside induced nephrotoxicity] Hits: 4018
[Factors which modify the nutritional state of iron: tannin content of herbal teas] Hits: 3701
[Feverfew as a prophylactic treatment of migraine]. Hits: 4522