Abrus precatorius L

Scientific Name

Abrus precatorius L.


Abrus abrus (L.) Wright, Abrus cyaneus R.Vig., Abrus maculatus Noronha, Abrus minor Desv., Abrus pauciflorus Desv., Abrus squamulosus E.Mey., Abrus tunguensis Lima, Glycine abrus L. [1]

Vernacular Name

MalaysiaAkar saga [2]
EnglishIndian liquorice, jequirity bean, crab’s eye [2]
IndonesiaSaga, saga manis (General); saga telik (Javanese) [2]
PhilippinesSaga, kansasaga, bangati (General) [2]
MyanmarYwe-nge [2]
VietnamD[aa]y c[uw][owf]m th[ar]o, cam th[ar]o d[aa]y, d[aa]y t[uw][ow]ng t[uw] [2]
ThailandMa klam taanuu (Bangkok); klam khruea (Chiang Mai); ma khaam thao (Trang) [2]
Cambodiaângkreem, kre:m krâ:m (Kompong Thom) [2]
LaosKhua sa em, makam [2]
FranceJéquirity, liane reglisse [2]

Geographical Distributions

A. precatorius is found in Africa, tropical and subtropical America (introduced), tropical Asia, Australia and the Pacific Islands; throughout Southeast Asia. It growsin grasslands, in cropped lands, thickets, edges of monsoon rain forests and gallery forests up to 1500 m altitude [2].

Botanical Description

A. precatorius is a woody climber from Fabaceae family which can reach up to 6(-9) m long [2].

The stems often attain 1.5 cm in diametre [2].

There are 16-34 leaves which are oblong, with obovate-oblong or ovate leaflets and the apex is obtuse to acuminate [2].

The inflorescence is thick, robust and usually curved [2].

The flowers are on cushion-like nodes with dense clusters [2].

The fruit is oblong and inflated with 1-7 seeds [2].

The seeds are ovoid, scarlet with area around the black hilum, rarely entire black and whitish or yellowish [2].


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Chemical Constituent

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Plant Part Used

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Traditional Use

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Preclinical Data

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Clinical Data

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Poisonous Management

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Line Drawing

Figure 1: The line drawing of A. precatorius.[2]


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